Enchanting grace paired with unparalleled artistry, emanating magnificence.

An unheard story of love for adornment in the City of Nizams
Lakshmi Gems and Jewellers, a dream brought to life by Ramesh Kumar Agarwal, is a part of the illustrious jewellery hub of Hyderabad since the year 1987, serving the Jewel lovers of Hyderabad with their immaculate creations in all kinds of Jewellery – Gold, Diamonds, Pearls.
Crafting each masterpiece with finest gold and diamonds to be able to provide utmost preciseness in elegance and charm. From the spirited streets of Dubai to the charming alleys of the US and the UK, we take pride in serving as the leading Manufacturers, Exporters and Wholesalers and adorning patrons around the globe.
Age-old Karigari with a modern edge, emanating regal elegance

Crafting treasures that will be passed on for generations to come at Lakshmi Jewellers, we believe to establish unwavering trust and to be a ray of happiness.

With the skilled artistry of our Karigars, we bring together the modern ingenuity and age old traditions that is reflected in our masterpieces exuding timeless charm and magnificence.
Each piece begins with a surreal vision of intertwining elegance and class, embeds an indelible impression of the very soul of the possessor.

Crafting an imperial collection of jewellery,
Lakshmi Gems & Jewellers are rich in heritage and culture,
serving effortless charm and elegance globally.

Crafted using rarest diamonds and purest gold,
uncover the beauty of exceptional jewellery.
Step into the empire of Lakshmi Gems and Jewellers.
Each masterpiece, a charm of its own.
A unique testament of fascination
and opulence.